Insert HTML Pro Widget

Insert HTML codes right after opening <body> tag or right before closing </body> tag.


Advanced Insert HTML

Decide the insertion point of code such as before the closing <body> tag or after the closing </body> tag

Supports 9182 characters

You can insert codes up to the length of 9182 characters.


This widget is not just limited to add HTMl codes but it alososupport CSS and Java Script codes.

Free Widget

This is a free Widget and you need not to spend a penny for it. Just register and download it.

How to Use

Once you download the file, Fing in your Downloads folder. Double click on the .zip file to export it. You will now have a folder named after the widget.  Now follow the steps below.

1. Look for Musepen-insertHTMLpro.mulib and double click on it.

2. If Muse is not open it will lauch Muse and will add the widget to Library Panel.

3. The imported folder (Musepen widgets Collection) will appears in the Library panel, ready for use in the current file. Then drag/drop the widget to your project, set the options and enjoy!

In this widget you get the option to add an HTMl code in your page either before the closing <body> tag or after opening <body>  tag.

Inserting Codes:

Open the Options panel by clicking on the blue button at right side top of the widget

Copy the code and paste it in the "Content Text" box. In case code is longer than 2048 character paste rest of the code in the remaining 3 test boxes named as "Remaining code".

Selecting Location:

check "Top of Body" if you want to place the code right after the opening <body> tag .

uncheck "Top of Body" if you want to place the code right before the closing </body> tag

Video Tutorial