Facebook SEO Widget

Design the preview of your page URL when shared on Facebook.


Facebook Preview

This widget add opengraph codes to your page that help creating a nice preview of your page when sared on Facecbook.


This Widget allow you update Title, URL, Description and Image that are the most essentials elements of the URL preview

Muse Friendly

You can use this widget in eeither mster page or in any page in plan view. Codes are designed keeping Adobe Muse in mind

Facebook Debuger

Widget has a link in options panel to check how the URL would look once shared.So there is o chance of error.

How to Use

Once you download the file, Find "Musepen_facebook_seo".zip in your Downloads folder. Double click on the .zip file to export it. You will now have a folder named after the widget.  Now follow the steps below.

1. Look for Musepen_facebook_seo.mulib and double click on it.

2. If Muse is not open it will lauch Muse and will add the widget to Library Panel.

3. The imported folder (Musepen widgets Collection) will appears in the Library panel, ready for use in the current file. Then drag/drop the widget to your project, set the options and enjoy!

This widget gives you the option to decide 5 options about page preview in facebook.

  1. Title : Enter the Title Of the page that you want to show in Facebook Preview. Its not necessary to make it same as your Page title.
  2. Type : By Default the type is set to "Website"in the future updated we will be adding it for blog, product and book also
  3. URL : The canonical URL of your page that will be used as its permanent ID, e.g., "http://www.musepen.com/fbseo.html".
  4. Description : A one to two sentence description of your page.
  5. Image : An image URL which should represent your page within the Facebook Preview. you can simpy add the desired image in Muse from File > add for upload. this will add the image in assets folder and then you can update image as http://yourdomain/assets/imagename.png. You can also use any third party service to upoad your file and then use theri url to render image

Once you are done updating page information save your file and upload it back to server and previre it by posting that url in facebook. In case you get any issue use the debugger provided in option panel to fix it

  1. Once you are done updating your URL details you can check its real preview using Facebook debugger Just click on "CLICK ME" in widget options panel and you will be redirected to Facebook Debugger
  2. Once on the page enter he URL and click "Debug" to chcek the preview or any code error.
  3. After making changes in option and uploding site if you get the old preview then click on "Fetch new scrape informations" to force facebook latest data from your page

Here is all we have for you in this Free Muse widget. Keep on exploring musepen.com for more Free Muse widgets.

Video Tutorial