Facebook Page Widget

An Adobe Muse Widget that allows you to insert Facebook page plugin.


Facebook Page Plugin

Recently facebook has launched a new plugin that includes the options of like, share and posts in it.This widget allows youu to add this plugin to your page very easily

Preview Options

This Widget allow you to decide what options you want to include in to the page such as cover page, friends list and recent posts

User Friendy

This is a user friendly widget. Just provide the facebook page URL in the option and decide the look of the plugin with the help of checkboxes

Free Widget

This is a free Widget and you need not to spend a penny for it. Just register and download it.

How to Use

Once you download the file, Fing "MusePen_facebook_page.zip" in your Downloads folder. Double click on the .zip file to export it. You will now have a folder named after the widget.  Now follow the steps below.

1. Look for MusePen_facebook_page.mulib and double click on it.

2. If Muse is not open it will lauch Muse and will add the widget to Library Panel.

3. The imported folder (Musepen widgets Collection) will appears in the Library panel, ready for use in the current file. Then drag/drop the widget to your project, set the options and enjoy!

In this section of the Widget you need to provide facebook page URL so that it can connect with your facebook page and pull data from there. By Default page URl is set to Musepen.com facebook page.

Also Make sure that page is public. You can correct it from the privecy settings of your facebook page

While Displaying Video in a site its very important to add proper user controls . This widget allows you following controls

  1. Width : Here you can define width of the page plugin Minimum with is 280 px and maximum can be 500 px.
  2. Height : Here you can decide the height of the page plugin. minimum height has to be 130 px.
  3. Hide Cover Photo : If you check this option then it will hide cover photo in the header
  4. Show profile Photo when friend like this  : This option is checked by default. If you do not want to show photos of the frien of the page visitor then you can uncheck it.
  5. Show post from the page timeline : This option is checked by default. If you do not want to show recent posts from timeline you can uncheck this option.

Here is all we have for you in this Free Muse widget. Keep on exploring musepen.com for more Free Muse widgets.

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