Terms and conditions of use

Rule 1

Widgets provided by musepen.com are of cost but we retain the right of distribution. You are free to use the musepen.com content for personal use but you can not share it with anyone.

Rule 2

Selling Musepen.com created items is now allowed. 

As every item is provided free of cost there is no official support available however we try our best to provide you a bug free widget.

Feel free to email to us on contact@musepen.com 

Rule 3

In case someone ask you to share the musepen.com items please refer them to musepen.com so that they can also download it from us without any legal issue

Rule 3

You also Allow us to send you emails when in following cases

  • On adding New Widget at musepen
  • On adding new Tutorial
  • On any new offer by Musepen.com
  • O any event by musepen.com