Responsive HTML5 Video Widget for Adobe Muse


Hello Everyone, I am working at as a widget developer for Adobe Muse.

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  1. Lucas_Vi_Anna says:

    Hello fellas, First I would like to thank you for developing such an amazing tool.
    Specially because it’s free!

    So, when I place a video in adobe muse it doesn’t allow
    me to select the “responsive width even though the video player is not pinned.
    By the way I’m using CC 2015.

    I’m trying to get around it but with out success so far.
    Could you guy help me and explain what is going on and how to make t work?

  2. Ishmael.k says:

    Hey Guys! cool work you doing. however I was wondering if you know something about
    Opera Mini bugging websites on mobile and if there’s a solution to it. my websites keeps falling
    apart everytime i use Opera Mini to browse with it but other browers like UC Browser work extremely well for my responsive mobile site.
    do share some light if you know about this!

  3. absalone says:

    Hi there, thanks a lot for your great work. I have a question regarding the position of the control bar for the video : there is a gap between the video content, and the control bar. Is there any way to get rid of this gap? Thanks.

  4. Ammo_Donderday says:

    Hi there!

    First of all great work! Widgets add value to muse! Only thing is I downloaded and ‘installed’ the widget but the video doesn’t play/show. It show an image if i put it there.. If i try it with the menu below it just keeps saying loading… if i hit the play button nothing happens… i work with muse 2015.1.2.44 the responsive and normal payer neither work…
    hopefully i’m overlooking something..

  5. tiCreativeMedia says:

    This widget doesn’t work at all for me… totally blank.

    Is there a special format for mp4? Can it only be viewed online?


  6. Roberto says:

    the widget does not work on Android and is ok on ios and desk

  7. Penelope says:

    Your Video Widget (a much needed thing) will not download for me. Is it because I am on a Mac?

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