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How to use various Musepen widgets


Insert HTML Pro Version 2

While embedding some codes in Adobe Muse you come to a situation when you are required to insert a code either before the closing body tab</body> or you need to insert it right before opening body tag <body>   With the help of Insert HTML pro you can achieve the same. This widget include 2 sub widgets in...


How to Create a E-commerce Site In Adobe Muse

As we all are aware that Muse do not use CMS for web creation hence it do not allow you to create a e-commerce websites that lets you manage your customers, Shipping, products and carts on a backend. As muse gives you a great designing freedom it would be a great idea to integrate a third party e-commerce platform...


How to Integrate Ecwid Store in Adobe Muse

There are a lot of Adobe Muse users how would like to create a website in Adobe Muse that give the real eCommerce experience like, etc but it was difficult to do as Adobe Muse only work with HTML, CSS, and JS. Ecwid is an amazing e-commence platform that seamlessly integrates with your existing Adobe Muse...


Responsive HTML5 Video Widget for Adobe Muse

Hello Everyone. On Feb 2016 Adobe Released Muse CC 2015.1 and that came up with the ability of making responsive webpages. As the this new version of Muse has got new features of making elements responsive by adding the options on “Responsive Width”, “Responsive Widget and Height” and “Stretch to Browser width”, Our Most commonly used widget was...


Where to Find Free Adobe Muse Widget

The best place to download Free and Good Quality Widgets for Adobe Muse is is a dedicated to provide free muse widgets and awesome tricks that can make you help amazing Muse sites.


Overlapping issue with mobile dropdown widget

We have received an inquiries about our Mobile Dropdown Widget very frequently. Widget users complains that menu is not pushing the content below it. Here are few suggestions you can try to come over this issue. Suggestion 1: Make Sure “Overlap item below” option is unchecked in the options panel of your Mobile Dropdown Widget.      ...


Where to Find Widgets Purchased at is a CRM based website and it helps you to manage your widgets purchased by us. After completing the registration and purchase process you can download and use the widget in 2 ways. 1. With the help of a Download link sent to your registered email The moment you complete the registration and purchase process an email...


How to add a local Video In Adobe Muse

There are two ways that you can use to insert local video files in Adobe Muse. By Manually Inserting HTML codes in Adobe Muse. By MusePen HTML5 Video Widget In case you are not very confident with HTML coding then you can download and add this easy to use widget to your Adobe Muse. Download Free Widget Video below explains...