Adobe Muse Sellfy Buy Now Button Widget

We are happy to present another e-commerce widget at that lets you integrate your Selfy store in your Adobe Muse site.

With the help of this  widget  you can sell ebooks, music, video, software or any other digital products on your Muse website. Widget integrates Sellfy Buy now button into Muse. You just need to sign up for a free account on and  add your products then enter the product IDs into this widget.

It is very simple to create your online store at! Once the site visitor click the  Buy button, he will be be able to pay for you products by Sellfy platform and will be able to download the purchased product.

To download this widget click on the download button PreloaderWidget

Features of the Sellfy Buy Now Widget:

  • Links with your products at and creates a Buy Now Button
  • Open Product details in new Window or Pop up in the same page

How to use Sellfy Buy Now Widget

First of all download Musepen_Sellfy_Buynow.mulib.

Once Downloaded, Double click on it to add it to widgets library in Adobe Muse.

Once added to library panel Drag it and drop it to the location of your choice in the page

Go to the options panel by click on the blue button at the right side top of the widget.

In the Options panel you get 2 options.sellfy buy now options panel

  1. Product ID : This option is used to link your product with the button. You can find the product id by clicking Dashboard > My products > look for last 4 digits at the ‘”Buy now link'” as shown in the  screenshot below.sellfy find product id
  2. Open In Pop-Up : This is a check box. If you select it product details will open in a pop in the same page once the site visitor clicks on the buy now button. If you un-check it then the product details will open in a new window .


Please leave your comments or share it with your Friends if you like it. Here is download link again for the widget.

download PreloaderWidget